Other Govt Liaison work

Our government liaison services are a significant component of the documentation we provide to our valued customers who may not be able to contact the relevant government authorities directly.

Other Govt
Other Govt

When it comes to buying or selling real estate, extensive government liaison work is required between many government entities. Our strong market presence and established network of people allow us to complete government liaisons as quickly as possible.

Building Plan Approvals
  • Identifying the official requirements and preparing the necessary applications
  • Obtaining all necessary NOCs from various departments
  • Preparing the file as per the LPA/DTCP standards and filing directly with the local planning authorities
  • To follow up regularly and update on the progress of your application
  • Addressing any subsequent queries from the authorities
  • Obtain a copy of the final approval

Land Use Conversion

Layout Approval

Chitta/Patta Transfer

Property Name Transfer

Legal Opinion & Due Diligence

Encumbrance Certificate