Real Estate Consulting

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Real Estate Consulting
Real Estate Consulting
Real Estate Consulting
Real Estate Consulting

With the purpose of clarifying the nuances of Real Estate Wealth Investments: regardless of whether you are buying or selling – By evaluating market opportunities, liquidating your assets, and diversifying your wealth portfolio, we help you maximise your wealth, Offering Advisory services for managing real estate wealth that take a portfolio approach; We expertise in providing clients with accurate solutions and reliable strategies for risk management through optimised effective communication.

Feasibility Study & Report

Taking into account economic, technological, legal, and scheduling factors, it assesses how successfully a project can be completed. Studying a project’s feasibility is intended to identify any potential problems that might arise if it is implemented.

Strategies and Solutions

Our mission is to provide clients with value and mitigate challenges on complex real estate development projects by utilising our leadership, experience, and creativity.

Outright Sale

Using the best networks & abilities to maximise value in the sale of land.

Joint Venture (JV) & Joint Development

Both landowner & incoming partner enter into an equity partnership and develop the asset together where the revenue and costs are divided into the share of the equity.

Relationship Management

What makes us different from other service providers/counterparts is our ability to accompany a project throughout its life cycle.

Development Management (DM)

In return for a share of revenue or profit or a management fee, large real estate firms step in as development managers for smaller developers & landowners.